About us

About Norphonic

At Norphonic, we produce Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones for emergency and industrial areas.

Our vision is based on a unified and consistent approach to delivering products that can interface with other communication systems, thereby reducing costs and eliminating inefficiencies of using proprietary and non-reusable solutions.

We constantly ensure that we are at the forefront of developments to deliver the very best communication devices for voice, data and video.

Industrial and Emergency Telephones – Contact Information Flexible Industry Solutions

Norphonic Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones are sold as standard units, but is also available with or without keypad and a range of software options to tailor each unit to the user needs. Our telephones therefore represents a perfect fit for a range of industrial and emergency applications, from roadside traffic applications (ERT), railway platforms, underground mines, offshore wind turbines to utilities and production environments.

Our telephones therefore represents a perfect fit for a range of industrial and emergency applications.

Here are some of the industries we service:

  • Transport (roadside, railway stations, airports)
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Power and Utilities
  • Commercial (stadiums, banking, retail)
  • Educational and government facilities

When Quality Matters

All aspects of our production is focused on Quality and we adhere to all standards required when it comes to emergency, industrial and commercial communication applications. This means you can be reassured that the Norphonic Heavy Duty VoIP Telephone will work when it needs to.

Global reach, Experience & Know-How

You can order our Norphonic Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones from all four corners of the world, and trust our long experience in delivering critical VoIP telephony in numerous industrial and emergency environments. We recognise the importance of responding to customers in a timely manner and being a supportive business partner. This service-minded attitude has enabled us to adapt and innovate new industrial telephones that are now used in a wide variety of applications worldwide.