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Trafsys AS (incl. sister company Norphonic AS and subsidiary company’s) business model is based on principles of good business ethics and social responsibility. Our contracting partners are expected to respect basic social and ethical norms in their operations. The guidelines below are based on international conventions and set minimum ethical standards. To the extent that Trafsys AS is associated with contracting partners where basic business ethical principles are not adhered to, this will be considered as basis for terminating the agreement.

Human Rights

The contracting parties to respect the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Employee Rights

The contracting parties must comply to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 32, and the ILO’s eight core conventions (Articles 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 183), which deal with child labour, forced labour, trade union organization and collective bargaining, as well as discrimination in working life.

The contracting parties must ensure that all employees in their own businesses receive wages that are sufficient to cover basic needs, that are in line with national standards for minimum wages and that are paid directly to the employee at the right time. Working hours shall not exceed the limits stated in national legislation and regulations of overtime shall follow current legal requirements.

Health, Safety and Environment

The Contracting parties shall regard the employees’ health and safety as more important than business operations. The employees to be informed in advance about risk activities, which may cause health damage, and they shall have access to relevant safety and protective equipment.

The contracting parties adhere to a precautionary principle in the parts of their business that represent environmental challenges and take the initiative to promote stronger environmental responsibility in their business operations in general. The contracting parties shall contribute to the development and use of environmentally friendly technology and the business operations shall be conducted in accordance with current national Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.

Corruption and fair competition

The contracting parties are obliged to work to eliminate all forms of corruption and the use of bribes in business operations. The contracting parties shall operate within the framework of current national and international competition rules and shall actively oppose anti-competitive measures.


The contracting parties have the right, by using competent and independent auditors, to carry out pre-announced inspections at each other’s production sites during the contract period to investigate whether the requirements in this document are complied with.