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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement describes how Trafsys and Norphonic collect and use personal data. The same declaration applies correspondingly to the other companies in the Trafsys group. For simplicity, the text only refers to “Trafsys”.

Trafsys, by the CEO, is responsible for processing the company’s personal data. Where the day-to-day responsibility is delegated, this is stated under each individual point. The delegation only covers the tasks and not the responsibility. The declaration contains information you are entitled to when information is collected from our websites (Personal Data Act § 19) and general information about how we process personal data (Personal Data act § 18 subsection 1).

Processing of personal data on our websites

The web editor has the day-to day responsibility for Trafsys’ processing of personal data on our websites, unless otherwise stated below. It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal information in correction with services, for example to receive newsletters. The basis for processing is consent from the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Contact form information is stored with the online provider and with us.

Online statistics

The websites collect de-identified information about visitors to our websites. The purpose of this is to prepare statistics that we use to improve and further develop the information offered on the website. Examples of what the statistics provide answers to are how many people visit various pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from, and which browsers are used.

The information is processed in de-identified and aggregated for. De-identified means that we cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the entire IP address, but the IP address is de-identified so that only the first three groups of the address are used to generate statistics. That is, if the IP address consists of the numbers, only 195.159.103.xx is used. In addition, the IP addresses are processed on an aggregated level, i.e. all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

We use the analysis tool Google Analytics on our website. Information from this tool is not disclosed by us to external actors.

Information cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website. Storage of information and processing of this information is not permitted unless the user has both been informed about and has given his consent to the processing.

The user must be informed about and approve which information is processed, what the purpose of the processing is and who processes the information, cf. the Electronic Communications Act § 2-7b. The following cookies are used on Trafsys.no: – We use session capsules that are stored on your computer temporarily and are removed when the browser is closed.

How to manage cookies (nettvett.no)

Slik administrerer du informasjonskapsler (nettvett.no)

E-mail and telephone

We use e-mail, telephone and instant messaging systems as part of our daily work. E-mail and instant messaging system are used in general dialogue with internal and external contact. Messages can be stored locally and with providers of said services. Upon resignation, the e-mail address and direct message address are deleted, but relevant e-mails / messages can be transferred to colleagues, be stored in the relevant storage location.

Sensitive personal data must not be sent by e-mail.

We draw our attention to the fact that regular e-mail s unencrypted. We therefore do not encourage you to send confidential information via e-mail. Telephones calls (phone number from and to, as well as the time of the call) are logged in our telephone exchange. This log is necessary for t the administration and operation of the system, and that it is used as a basis for statistics at an aggregated level. After a period, external numbers are anonymized by deleting the last four digits The complete log is deleted after one year. In addition, employees have an overview of the most recent calls on their phones. If a telephone conversation is linked to an individual matter, a not may be written after the conversation which is recorded. There is no other systematic recording to telephone calls where the caller can be identified.


Visits to our premises and participation in events organized by us

List of seminar participants

When you register for a course, information is stored for use of course administration.

List of visitors

Visitors can be registered in the calendar system, minutes and other relevant documents.

The privacy ombudsman scheme

We are not covered by the data protection ombudsman scheme.

Information about employees

Trafsys processes personal data about its employees in order to manage salaries and personnel responsibilities. The legal basis follows from the Personal Information Act § 8, first paragraph and § 8 a), b) and f).

All documents relating to an employment relationship, such as applications, confidentiality statements, employee interviews, sick reports, self-reports and other documents, are stored in our electronic personnel archive. Where the employee has access to their information together with their manager. The finance and administration manager has day-to-day responsibility for this system. When such information is registered in the system, received papers are deleted/shredded. Information in the personnel archive is only deleted on request.

Necessary information for the payment of wages, such as basis data, wage level, time registration, tax percentage, tax municipality and trad union affiliation, is recorded in the financial system.

In addition, information relating the key administration of entry and exit and information on access control is recorded in the IT system, The information is obtained form the employees themselves.

The information is only disclosed in connection with salary payments and other statutory disclosure. Deletion routines for personnel data follow the Accounting Act and he Archives Act. Information about name, position and work area are public information and can be published.

All job applications are stored in our electronic personnel system for approx. one year before they are shredded. We only keep information of the people who are offered a position with us.

Logging in our subject systems

We have general security logs in some of our professional systems. It is the employees’ use of the subject system that is recorded here. No further information is provided here for reasons of security in our systems. The legal basis for such logs is the requirement for log in §§ 2-8 and 2-14 of the Personal Data Regulations, as well as § 8 f of the Personal Data Act, in order to safeguard the business’s security of information values other than personal data.


Everyone who asks has the right to basic information about the processing of personal data in a business according to § 18, subsection 1 of the Personal Data Act. We have provided this information in this statemen and will refer to it in the event of any enquiries. Those who are registered in one of our systems have the right to access their own information. The person concerned also has the right to request that incorrect, incomplete or information that our companies are not authorized to process be corrected, deleted, or supplemented. Claims from the registered must be answered free of charge and within 30 days at the latest.


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