Evacsound – Tunnel evacuation

Fire incident detection for localization of fire and evacuation assistance system. The node can be supplied with camera for video surveillance.

Norphonic introduces a novel distributed system for assisted evacuation from automotive and railway tunnels, mineral mines and industrial passageways.

Evacsound supports sensor acquisition for fire, incident detection or video surveillance. The system uses 21st century technological innovations to deliver psychoacoustic direction in evacuation, Public Address messaging and lighting effects in cost-effective way.

Psychoacoustic effects provide non-verbal evacuation direction in low visibility situation such as blackout or smoke. The effects were independently assessed for effectiveness in live trials. Directional lighting effects can provide additional cues.


At a glance

Each node is a networked industrial computer system in a fire retardant, sealed polycarbonate enclosure. Either side is equipped with directional speaker array allowing for efficient sound energy delivery and actualization of biaural acoustic effects. Together with precision synchronization between the nodes it allows for supreme audio quality in whole spans of tunnels with minimized echo, dead zones and overlap.

Depending on the mission, Evacsound can be delivered with a range of specialized front panels and external devices. Options include (but not limited to) temperature, humidity, pressure, camera, doppler radar, geophone, accelerometer and chemical sensors.


Evacsound can be delivered with a range of specialised front panels and external devices.

EvacsoundNodes are equipped with sensitive MEMS microphones, allowing for automatic placement and site calibration. No specialist installation procedures are required. The built-in microphone allows the operator to initiate a bi-directional conversation at any node of their choice. Equipped with an external button, each node can double as call point speakerphone.

Evacsound can effect built-in dichromatic lights or external lighting.

Networking is provided over Cat6 Ethernet lines. Evacsound can be powered via PoE 802.3bt Type 3 compatible switch. Alternatively, a separate 24V to 48V DC power supply can be used. Device power budget is 50W at peak consumption. SPL at 1.5m height in a 9.5m profile tunnel up to 99dB. Best in the class STIPA performance.



Tests and certifications

EN 50121-4:2016/A1:2019 – Railway Applications

EN 55032:2015 AC:2016, EN 55035:2017 AC:2019 – Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment

EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 + A2:2013 – IP66 – Dustproof and waterproof

EN 54-16 – Voice alarm control and indicating equipment

EN 60068-2-27: – Mechanical shock (10G in 3 axis)