Our industries

Flexible industry solutions

Norphonic Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones are sold as standard units, but can also be tailored to suit your individual needs. This flexibility means that our solutions can be used in a number of different areas and for a wide variety of purposes, including:

Public Information Telephone

used in places where people may feel vulnerable or unsafe at night, such as University Campuses, Underground Car Parking Facilities, Public Swimming Pools or along the Coastline where the public may wish to report swimmers or boats in danger at sea.

Public Information Telephone

used in “call-for-assistance” type applications, for example in large shopping sentres, airports or transport terminals.

Industrial Telephone / Production Environment Telephone

–used in challenging environments that are exposed to high levels of air humidity, dust, vibration or extreme tempratures, for example food processing plants chemical processing sites, mines, production floors and transit tunnels.

Mining Telephone

used by mining workers in underground shafts and other mining areas.

Service Telephone

used by service engineers and maintenance personnel to communicate with a central control room

Elevator Telephone (vehicle-, boat-, aircraft- and passenger elevators)

used to call for help in case of elevator emergencies or entrapment

Point to Point Communication Telephone

used to connect two points, often installed in large lifting machinery, cranes, production floors, mines and wind power systems

Signal Telephone (Track-side Telephone)

used at railway signal stations and along railway tracks

Level Crossing Telephone

used for emergency calls or information access at platforms and railway crossings

Station, or Platform Telephone

used for transport information at railway stations (or platforms)

Outdoor Telephone

used in public places such at at train terminals, car parks and other public places.

PA/VA Telephone

often used as part of a larger PA/VA (Public Address / Voice Alarm) system to transfer voice, data and/or images to a Central Station.

Access Control Telephone

often used as a part of a larger Access Control system to communicate with a central control room at door entrance points, to open and close doors or gates etc.

What features do I need?

We realise that many customers find it hard to determine what telephone product will suit a particular need, and indeed what features and functionality to look for in their particular application. To help with this, we have created some useful Application Guides which outlines key issues when selecting Emergency Roadside Telephones (ERT phones), Industrial Telephones or other telephone types. We have also added some case study examples within these application areas, and hopefully you find these useful. Please look at If you could not find what you were looking for on this webpage, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will only be pleased to assist you further in your selection process. We will also add to this library over time, so please check back for updates.