Case Studies

Port Said Tunnel

Norphonic was awarded the contract for the delivery of emergency telephones for the Port Said Tunnel under the Suez Canal by Open Minds CIT and Summit Technology Solutions, Cairo, Egypt.

90 pcs Norphonic heavy duty VoIP phone without keypad, with accessories (cables and cable covers).

The new tunnel system is an engineering miracle in which the Egyptians raced against time. It reflected the ability of Egyptians of challenging the impossible to make an integrated system that takes into account the highest safety standard. It has service areas with the highest international standards.

The tunnel consists of two car tunnels, one of which is for those arriving from Port Said and heading to Sinai and the other is for those who are coming from the opposite direction. The aim is to connect Sinai and the east of the canal to the valley and the Delta, facilitate the movement of individuals and goods to and from Sinai and achieve the desired development for that region in parallel with the development in Sinai and the canal region.

Norphonic VoIP emergency phone in cabinet

Port Said Tunnel